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Main Event Entertainment

Main Event Entertainment Opening Free-Roam, Multiplayer VR experience V-Play Reality in Orlando

You can book a slot prior to opening next week.

Virtual reality (VR) comes in all shapes and sizes, from seated experiences on Oculus Rift to room-scale content on HTC Vive, but some companies have gone even bigger. Utah, US-based The VOID and Australia’s Zero Latency are two experiences where visitors can immerse themselves in VR worlds in huge warehouse spaces unencumbered by cables. Today Main View Entertainment – a destination that combines dining, virtual and interactive game play and bowling – has announced a free-roam, multi-player VR experience called V-Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency tech.

This month Main View Entertainment will be opening its first Orlando, Florida-based location at Pointe Orlando, and V-Play Reality will be one of the attractions on offer. V-Play Reality will take up 2,200 square foot of the 45,000 square-foot entertainment complex, enabling players to walk, run, and work their way through different virtual terrains from level to level.

Zero Latency The Creators Project 2 - August 2015

“Main Event Entertainment has always been the innovator in bowling-anchored entertainment and Zero Latency’s groundbreaking technology allows us to elevate our Eat.Bowl.Play concept to an interactive and immersive experience that cannot be created at home.  There has never been anything else like it in the U.S. until now, at Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando,” notes Main Event Entertainment President and CEO Charlie Keegan.  “Our V-Play Reality experience will immediately be considered bucket-list worthy for both hard-core and novice gamers alike, to Head for FUN and visit our newest venue for a truly unique and stimulating group experience.”

The experience will include three different game options: Zombie Survival, Singularity and Engineerium. In Zombie Survival players fight off hordes of attacking zombies, while Singularity is a space-themed game aimed at kids, and Engineerium, is a family orientated puzzle game.  Players don a computerized backpack and an OSVR head-mounted display (HMD).

“Zero Latency game experiences are extremely immersive with free exploration of richly themed and hyper realistic game environments,” states Zero Latency co-founder and CEO Tim Ruse.  “Zero Latency’s patent-pending motion tracking technology allows natural locomotion along with a perfectly-weighted simulated weapon, and cutting-edge VR gear. Zero Latency’s unique approach allows for game session lengths and themes to be completely changed instantly, giving operators the flexibility to offer a range of superlative gaming experiences from zombie hunting to space adventure to family-friendly puzzles, which bring players back over and over again.”

Online reservations for V-Play Reality will be available at mainevent.com starting Monday, 14th November, 2016 for sessions beginning late November, 2016.

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