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Pistols at the Ready as The Arcslinger Blasts onto Daydream View

Head into a cyber wild west today on Daydream.

When Google revealed Daydream View in October, 30 videogames were confirmed to be in development for the mobile head-mounted display (HMD), one of them being The Arcslinger from Big Red Button Entertainment. Today the virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) has arrived.

Set in a cyber western universe, The Arcslinger is essentially a gallery style shooter – popular on VR headset at the moment – set across 15 rogue-like levels. Players take control of the videogame’s unlikely hero, Valiant, and his trusty wise-cracking gun, Angelheart. Players must become a master gunslinger and unleash powerful abilities to take down The Arcslinger’s villain Gold Smoke and his gang before he can take the power of the magical Arc for himself.

The Arcslinger Screenshot_001

As players progress through the levels they’ll need to collect Arcs to customise Angelheart, making it more powerful whilst adding unique features to it, giving that edge in shootouts. These powerups include the explosive Pyro Blast, the time changing Time Warp, the Lightning Rod to add that extra spark to your bullets, as well as defensive abilities such as the Shield Wall.

To go with the launch announcement Big Red Button Entertainment has released a new trailer showcasing more gameplay elements and the mayhem that waits. The Arcslinger can be downloaded now exclusively through Google Play for $7.99 USD/£7.49 GBP. For all the latest Daydream View news, keep reading VRFocus.

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