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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption Writer Moves into VR

Christian Cantamessa partnering with Start VR for ‘interactive cinematic VR’.

Virtual reality (VR) studio Start VR has announced a collaboration with production-management company Circle of Confusion in an effort to build upon the strengths of storytelling within the new medium. The first title to come from the partnership is to be helmed by Christian Cantamessa, the award-winning writer behind Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Red Dead Redemption

Start VR has been established with the intention of developing a new breed of content coined ‘Interactive Cinematic VR’ (ICVR). The studio’s debut project, VR NOIR, is already available to experience on Samsung Gear VR. This new collaboration will grant Start VR access to Circle of Confusion’s portfolio of writers, directors and talent, beginning with Cantamessa’s immersive content in two upcoming projects.

“I’m very excited about this collaboration with Start VR, virtual reality is the newest frontier in storytelling and interactivity,” noted Cantamessa, “The Start VR team is pioneering new ideas and techniques that will help push the medium forward.”

Start VR’s Head of Content Martin Taylor noted, “Our philosophy is to bring cinematic excellence to VR content while also providing innovate narrative techniques that give the audience an active role in the story. We feel this is the sweet spot of what VR can offer over other screen-based media, and we are excited to reimagine how stories are told.”

No further information on Cantamessa’s work in VR, or other future projects from Start VR, is currently available. VRFocus will continue to follow this collaboration however, keeping you updated with all the latest details.

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