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Robo Recall’s First UK Demo to be at VRTGO 2016

Heading to VRTGO 2016 next week, checkout Robo Recall on Oculus Touch.

At the Oculus Connect 3 conference in California last month the latest virtual reality (VR) title from Epic Games was announced, Robo Recall. The spiritual successor to the studio’s much vaunted tech demo Bullet Train, Robo Recall is a first-person shooter (FPS) set in a world where robots are rebelling. Next week the annual VRTGO event will be taking place in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and Epic will be there along with Robo Recall to demo the title for the first time in the country.

Supporting Oculus Touch, Robo Recall features a range of customizable and unlockable weapons which players can utilise to stop the ever encroaching robotic hordes. There’s a mixture of challenging missions as well as a sandbox experience that allows players to test out their shooting skills.

Robo_Recall_OC3_A4_screenshot_02 (1)

Players will be awarded points through destroying robots in creative ways, not just the amount they kill. These points will then feature as highscores for the level and go onto leader boards to add a further competitive edge.

Carri Cunliffe, director of Secret Sauce Ltd said: “As a developer or business working in VR, getting the chance to experience Robo Recall presents the opportunity to see the best VR tech and content in action. I am excited that our delegates will be able to experience the game’s over-the-top fun, and that Epic will be there to help them explore their own development possibilities.”

While Simon Jones, director of Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games, said: “Robo Recall is a powerful example of the use of Unreal Engine. If you are attending VRTGO please swing by our stand and find out more about how we can help you realise success in entertainment and enterprise – and, of course, take out a few rogue robots in VR while you’re there.”

VRTGO 2016 will take place next Wednesday 9th November. The event is set to feature Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) with its newly launched PlayStation VR, NASA, Framestore, Hammerhead VR and more.

Robo Recall is due to launch for free on Oculus Touch in early 2017, and for the latest info on the title, keep reading VRFocus.

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