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Snail Games Partners with Studio Wildcard to Create VR Experience ARK Park

Learn about dinosaurs in this upcoming educational experience.

If you love hunting and exploring in dinosaur infested worlds you may have come across virtual reality (VR) compatible title ARK: Survival Evolved by Studio Wildcard. Today Snail Games has announced a partnership with the studio to license its IP to create ARK Park.

In ARK: Survival Evolved players can hunt and tame dinosaurs whilst building communities, while ARK Park takes a different approach, creating a futuristic dinosaur theme park. Here players will be able to watch, interact and learn about over one hundred dinosaurs whilst they wander around the park.

ARK Park image 1

“ARK Park is designed with the concept of creating a simulated world that could never exist in reality,” said Shi Hai, CEO, Snail Games. “Instead of a linear plot structure, we created the world where players have the freedom to explore and approach every single detail in the virtual space at their own pace. We wanted to achieve a level of visual authenticity and player interactivity that will set a benchmark in the VR industry.”

As more of an educational experience,  ARK Park will feature a multiplayer tour to bring people from around the world together to experience the awe of the dino attractions.

“We’re excited about the partnership with Snail Games,” said Jeremy Stieglitz, founder, Studio Wildcard. “By bringing the survival game into more of an educational theme park setting will broaden the reach of the ARK franchise, making it a stronger brand.”

Snail Games hasn’t confirmed which head-mounted displays (HMDs) it plans to support, but as ARK: Survival Evolved is compatible with Oculus Rift, expect that device at the bare minimum.

As further details on ARK Park are released, VRFocus will bring you the latest details.

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