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Space Pirate Trainer Confirmed as Launch Day Title for Oculus Touch

Grab the popular shooter on Oculus Home soon.

With the launch of Oculus Touch less than two weeks away more and more titles are being confirmed for its launch. Oculus has stated in a recent blog posting that it’ll be announcing over 50 videogames for the motion controllers soon, but some developers are already confirming their support. The latest comes from I-Illusions with its popular HTC Vive title Space Pirate Trainer.

On its Twitter account the studio confirmed as much, saying that Space Pirate Trainer will be a day one release. It will be available through both Steam and Oculus Home, and for those that have already purchased it on Steam the developer notes: “the Steam version you have already should be compatible with the Oculus and Oculus Touch thanks to Open VR.”

Space Pirate Trainer image 3

Space Pirate Trainer has been one of the leading virtual reality (VR) gallery style first-person shooters (FPS), receiving ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ feedback on Steam since its day one launch on HTC Vive.

In the videogame players must defend themselves from an endless waves of droids, with two pistols to duel wield with multiple loadout settings or switching to a shield and pistol. They’ll to need dodge incoming lasers whilst taking down the enemies to achieve as big a high score as possible.

With the Steam Black Friday sale going on it maybe a good time to pick up the title to play on Oculus Touch. There’s currently a 20 percent discount available dropping the price from £10.99 GBP down to £8.79.

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