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VirZOOM Arcade VR Sports

Start Pedalling as VirZOOM Arcade Rolls onto PlayStation VR

You’ll still need the VirZOOM bike controller though.

If you want to burn a few calories while in virtual reality (VR) one of the few ways to do it is with the VirZOOM bike controller. This allows users to control their speed through pedalling, which in turn should help to reduce the effects of simulator sickness. Today VirZOOM has announced that’s compatible VR software, VirZOOM Arcade is now available to PlayStation VR owners.

VirZOOM Arcade is a series of continuously evolving exercise videogames designed to motivate users to pedal through various VR experiences. There are five titles in the arcade to choose from: Pegasus, fly the winged horse across a wide open landscape, but remember to eat apples along the treetops to have enough energy to keep flying; Cowboy, has players riding a horse in a western themed town, with bandits to lasso before they get away; Go Fast Car, a sort of F1 style racing title; Apache Helicopter, pedal a helicopter gunship down the river collecting fuel, shooting at turrets as they shoot at you; and Tank: Enter Winterstan, a multiplayer tank game.
The arcade also features five different workout modes: Quick-play, Timed Workout, Custom Workout, Award Challenge, and Hotseat to get the heart rate pumping.

VirZOOM Arcade VR Sports

“PlayStation VR is a welcome addition to the stable of VR systems that VirZOOM supports,” said Co-founder and CEO Eric Janszen. “We are equally pleased to add VZ Arcade to the library of superb content that’s available for PSVR with its ground breaking combination of high quality and affordability.”
“VirZOOM offers terrific multiplayer VR sports designed for exercise and control with the VirZOOM bike,” said Co-Founder and CTO Eric Malafeew. “We’ve worked with Sony from the beginning to ensure the best experience on PS4 and are proud to offer it today to all PSVR owners.”

VirZOOM Arcade is free to download for PlayStation VR but you’ll still need the VirZOOM bike to use the software. It’s currently available for order for $399.95 USD  on virzoom.com and other leading retailers.

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