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Zombie Riot screenshot 1

Stop the Undead Hordes on Oculus Touch in Zombie Riot

The shooter will be a launch day release.

When Oculus Touch launches on 6th December owners are going to have quite a few videogames to choose from, with first-person shooters aplenty. Oculus Studios’ Dead and Buried will be available for free and today I-Illusions Space Pirate Trainer was confirmed for day one release. For those that fancy a more zombie themed experience, developer PlaySide VR has now confirmed its virtual reality (VR) project Zombie Riot will be available.

Not only built form the ground up for VR, but also for Oculus Touch, Zombie Riot is a survival horror title that includes both a story mode and three endless arena modes. As with any shooter there’s a massive selection of weapons to select depending on play style. From mid range guns such as dual wield pistols and the tesla assault rifle, to long range sniper rifles for picking up those headshots. Fancy crushing some skulls with some melee combat, then how about the spiky baseball bat, or slice and dice with the chainsaw. Or for groups you can’t go wrong with a grenade or two.

PlaySide VR has released a launch trailer of Zombie Riot, showcasing the title in all its frantic glory. Rather than going for a dark and moody title the studio has chosen a far more stylised and colourful cartoon pallet. Not only do you have to survive in Zombie Riot there’s also the highscore to consider, gain combos through multikills, higher points with headshots and more.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Oculus Touch, reporting back with the latest software announcements.

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