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Storm VR Adds Oculus Rift and Touch Support

Grab your Rift and head into the storm.

In September indie studio Team Storm launched Storm VR on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive. Today the developer has announced the inclusion of Oculus Rift with the addition of Oculus Touch prior to the controllers launch in December.

Built in Unreal Engine, and supported by production company UNIT9, Storm VR is a  puzzle adventure game created as a passion project between friends and colleagues, self-funded and developed in their spare time.

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Along with the Oculus Rift announcement the team has also said it’ll be upgrading the visual quality of the initial Snowstorm level in the coming weeks. They’re also working on the next episode of Storm VR, Desert. “Finally, we’ve made some early, yet significant first steps on the Desert episode, which will be our next. As I mentioned in a previous update, our upcoming levels will be larger in scope and focus much more on story. But the first step is obvious the storm environment itself. We’ve taken the first steps to create a sandstorm that will make you feel like your skin is coming off,” said Anrick Bregman one of the leads on the project.

The first episode of Storm VR is a short introduction to the longer narrative experience the team has planned, with a total of five episodes making up the final videogame.

“I was inspired by real, yet extreme situations. And the visual beauty of extreme environments, like a snow-storm for example,” said Bregman That’s where the idea came from, an aesthetically beautiful but deadly experience where your body is pushed to the extreme.”

Storm VR is available to download now through Steam Early Access for £1.99 GBP. As development progresses, VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements.

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