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The Assembly: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Every dossier location revealed to unlock the Archivist achievement/trophy.

nDreams’ The Assembly is now available on all three major virtual reality (VR) platforms, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, sending players into a mysterious organisation with questionable morals. Previously VRFocus listed all the available Steam Achievements for The Assembly, but now we’ve got some info on how to unlock one of the harder ones.

Archivist requires players to collect all the project dossiers, of which there are 17 scattered around the levels, and VRFocus has the locations. The following details will work for any version of The Assembly, with the PlayStation VR version unlocking a Gold Trophy.

Dossier 1: Cal‘s Dossier – Cassius D

Chapter 2. (Room 2G) Inside Anton’s desk drawer.

Dossier 1 - Cal's Dossier – Cassius D

Dossier 2: Director’s Health Records

Chapter 2. (Room 2G) Inside the red lab, on the table.

Dossier 2 - Director's Health Records

Chapter 2 Map:

The Assembly Chapter 2 map

Dossier 3: Larson’s Final Project

Chapter 4. (Room 2D) Underneath the sink.

Dossier 3 - Larson's Final Project

Dossier 4: Benson’s Project

Chapter 4. (Room 2B) Inside Benson’s drawers.

Dossier 4 - Benson's Project

Dossier 5: Cassius-F

Chapter 4. (Room 2A) On the desk next to the laptop and iPod player.

Dossier 5 - Cassius-F

Chapter 4 Map:

The Assembly Chapter 4 map

Dossier 6: Abandoned Trial

Chapter 6. (Room 4A) On top of some crates/boxes.

Dossier 6 - Abandoned Trial

Dossier 7: Notes on Madeleine

Chapter 6. (Room 5G) On the desk.

Dossier 7 - Notes on Madeleine

Dossier 8: Chopra’s Project

Chapter 6. (Room 5D) In an open storage unit.

Dossier 8 - Chopra's Project

Dossier 9: Tanner’s Project

Chapter 6. (Room 5I) In a cupboard.

Dossier 9 - Tanner's Project

Chapter 6 Maps:

The Assembly Chapter 6 map

Dossier 10: Riot Dispersal

Chapter 8. (Room 3c) On top of an amp.

Dossier 10 - Riot Dispersal

Dossier 11: Surveillance Report

Chapter 8. (Room 3e) On the television stand.

Dossier 11 - Surveillance Report

Dossier 12: Silver Matter

Chapter 8. (Room 3a) On the chest of drawers next to the television.

Dossier 12 - Silver Matter

Dossier 13: Larson’s Profile

Chapter 8. (Room 3b) On the sink.

Dossier 13 - Larson's Profile

Dossier 14: Bunker Expansion

Chapter 8. (Room F-3) In the desk drawer.

Dossier 14 - Bunker Expansion

Chapter 8 Map:

The Assembly Chapter 8 map

Dossier 15: Cryo Test: Two Subjects

Chapter 10. (Room 1e) On the desktop next to the computer terminal.

Dossier 15 - Cryo Test_Two Subjects

Dossier 16: Accident Report

Chapter 10. (Room 1i) On the desktop next to the computer terminal.

Dossier 16 - Accident Report

Dossier 17: ADAM

Chapter 10. (Room 1f) On the desk.

Dossier 17 - ADAM

Chapter 10 Map:

The Assembly Chapter 10 map

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