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The Climb for Oculus Touch will Come With Additional Level

More content incoming for the motion controllers.

A few weeks ago Oculus launched a new weekly blog series called Touch Tuesdays, highlighting different videogame’s coming to the motion controllers which launch next month. Today’s post focuses on Crytek and its title The Climb, revealing that the free Touch update will also come with a brand new level.

Oculus spoke to Niels Stoelinga, Gameplay Programmer for The Climb, discussing the videogame’s creation and how the controllers make it even more realistic. Talking about Touch implementation Stoelinga said: “It worked out very well, since climbing revolves around hand movement. When movements mimic your brain’s expectations, it feels more real.

The Climb_01

“Some mechanics became simpler with Touch. For example, in the gamepad version, we used a button press for players to check their watch in-game. Now you can just look at your wrist. This actually becomes a lot more immersive and natural because it replicates real life.

“Bringing in Touch controls required additional work in other ways, however. Playing with a gamepad, the movement of the player is automatic. With Touch, the player decides how to move through the space. We had to ensure that the hands are always in the right position—if it doesn’t look or feel right, it breaks presence.

“Addressing fatigue was also something that we had to consider. For some players, moving quickly for an extended period of time in VR can cause discomfort. So our chalk mechanic and stamina system play an important role for people new to VR, periodically slowing down player movement so they can take a breather.”

Stoelinga also revealed Crytek tried the title with real climbers, saying: “We showed the game to professional climbers at an Adidas Rockstars event earlier this year, and they really liked it. They said the flow of the game is very similar to the real thing—Touch really helps with that.” Checkout the video below to see their reactions.

Oculus Touch launches on 6th December, and its currently available to pre-order for £189 GBP. There’s no details on what the new level will be based on, but as VRFocus finds out further details, we’ll let you know.

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