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Siege Hammer screenshot 1

Tower Defence Title Siege Hammer Launches at VRDC Tomorrow

The title will offer a limited time discount at launch.

MyDream Interactive, Inc. has announced today that it’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) tower defence title Siege Hammer will launch tomorrow at VRDC before coming to Steam Early Access.

Supporting both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), Siege Hammer has players taking on the role of Blip, a tiny armour-clad hero who must defend his castles from the crush of invaders.

Siege Hammer screenshot 2

As with any strategy videogame of this type player will need to build towers in various locations as enemies walk through a pre-designated route. Siege Tower has four towers to choose from with three upgrade tiers available. There will be easy, normal, and hard difficulties across two castle levels to begin with, with more being added in the future. Each difficulty level will feature 15 waves with five different enemies classes to face.

To add some uniqueness to the experience MyDream Interactive, Inc. adds one further destructive addition into the mix. Seen in the screenshots and trailer, players will also wield a massive hammer. This can be used to inflict damage on precise areas, attacking designated enemies that are getting through the defences.

“Siege Hammer is the perfect virtual reality game for players of all ages and levels,” said Andrew Leker, the game’s designer and COO of MyDream Interactive. “It’s a whole new way to think about play in VR, combining the strategy of building defenses with the intensity of first-person attack. We’re thrilled to be offering more than fifteen hours of playtime at launch, which will be greatly expanded with the upcoming additions.”

Siege Hammer will be available on Steam Early Access for a limited time discount. For two weeks after launch gamers can get the title for $9.99 USD, then after the promotional period it will be priced at $14.99. The videogame is expected to be in early access for several months, fully launching in Q1 2017.

The studio also plans to release a version for Samsung Gear VR in December 2016. For all the latest updates on Siege Hammer, keep reading VRFocus.

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