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Unity Global Authorised Training and Certification Partner Program Launches

Find a Unity training centre near you to become a certified developer.

If you’ve got an interest in virtual reality (VR) then you’ll most likely have heard of Unity Technologies. The company’s middleware development engine Unity is one of the most popular engine’s on the market for creating VR experiences. Today it’s announced the launch of its global Unity Authorised Training and Certification Partner Program, expanding the network of official partners to deliver Unity Certification Exams and training.

Through the programme thousands more developers will have access to regional training and support in preparation for the exam, with training centres having the means to support a growing community of millions of Unity developers.


“We’re working hard to close the gap between a booming industry and qualified job-seekers,” said Megan Stewart, Head of Global Education at Unity Technologies. “By opening our doors to partners and allowing them to deliver Unity Certification and Training to their local communities, we can accelerate that process, remove barriers to developer education, and empower even more individuals to find career success.”

The Unity Certification Program has enabled developers across the world to validate their Unity knowledge and skills, and demonstrate foundational proficiency with one of the leading platforms for videogame development. The idea is to help individuals prepare for careers in fields like videogame development, design and VR production.

With the announcement Unity has revealed the first group of partner organisations in key regions worldwide. Eleven organisations have signed up, these are: Ledet Training in the US, Academy Class Limited in the UK, CICE S.A. in Spain, NASKA Digital in Colombia, Media Design School in New Zealand, Feva Works IT Education Centre and Unity Future Optimizer Company Limited, both in Hong Kong, COMAT in Singapore, iAcademy and De La Salle University in the Philippines, and Like Corp in Korea.

“Unity is the market-leading platform for developing a broad range of applications from gaming, and vizsim to the quickly evolving worlds of virtual and mixed reality production. The choice to become the first authorised training partner in the U.S. for Unity was a no-brainer and an honor,” said Sterling Ledet, CEO of Ledet Training. “Our clients are eager to develop for mobile, web and emerging platforms like Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. Early demand has been great, and we look forward to many more classes to come.”

For organisations wishing to participate or to find a training centre near you, head to certification.unity.com for more details.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Unity, reporting back with the latest developments.

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