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Unity Editor VR - Tvori

Unity Showcases Latest Editor VR Developments Coming to 5.5 Update

New additions include Project View, Workspace and more.

Today Unity Technologies held its keynote address for its Unite 2016 conference in California, showcasing some of the latest developments the company has been working on. Naturally part of the address included EditorVR, which allows developers to create content directly in virtual reality (VR) using head-mounted displays such as HTC Vive. The team then demoed some of the new features that would be included in the next update, Unity 5.5 in December.

Taking to the stage was Timoni West – Principle Designer Unity Labs and Amir Ebrahimi – Principle Engineer Unity Labs. The first couple additions to be demoed were Project View and Workspace. Project View gives developers access to their project files on the left hand side, while on the right were game assets which could be picked up and placed quickly and easily. In conjunction with this was Workspace, essentially a 3D Unity window which Project View appeared in. Workspace as with any normal 2D window could be resized to suit requirements.

Unity Editor VR - Project View

When placing objects in a virtual world EditorVR has a couple of new ways to make it easier. Firstly there’s Snapping Tools, which help to lock items in a certain direction – handy for lining things up. Then there’s the Inspector which pops up in a Workspace, allowing adjustments such as local scale, local position and local rotation to be altered through numerical inputs.

Features such as Console and Profiler also made an appearance. These have previously been seen at other events but this was the first time they’d been shown using Workspace. Then there was Chessboard, this brings up a mini map of the same view creators are already in, and multiple Chessboards could be created to allow quick swapping of items.

That wasn’t all, a new Tools menu has been implemented giving VR specific extensions to EditorVR. Two tools were shown, Creations, which gives developers the option to SDF sculpt there and then, and Tvori, a camera tool for recording the movement of items – useful for quickly prototyping animations.

At launch, the package will be completely open-sourced and feature an open API to easily extend, adapt, and customize tooling to suit individual needs. And as further details are released for EditorVR, VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements.

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