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Mativision VRinOR - Medical Training

VR In Health: Global Medical Holography Market Growth Predicted In New Report

Growth of around 34% predicted during 2016-2022.

If you have followed VRFocus for some time now you will know we like to give you a healthily varied view of everything that is going on in the fields of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and anything that fills the void between the two. One such topic, and a popular one we’ve found, is that of Health and how VR and AR are being used. In fact readers of VRFocus can expect two guest features within the next week on very different slants on that topic alone and if you haven’t read it yet we’d recommend checking out this article on the subject from Collette Johnson, Director of Healthcare at Plextek

Mativision VRinOR - Medical Training

2016 has already been quite the year for VR and that industry, with new ways to assist rehabilitation, investment in therapy, use in personal fitness tools, use in training, documenting operations and more. 2017 in turn promises to be another intriguing year for how the industry develops, building on the investment and development done so far. The latest news coming out of India however is that the latest market report into the matter of what is termed ‘Global Medical Holography’ shows that the industry is set to grow by over a third – nearly 34% to be precise – from 2016 through to 2022.

Occams Business Research & Consulting (OBRC) cites companies such as Echo Pixel, Eon Reality, Holoxica Limited, Jasper Display Corporation and Leia Inc. as being leaders in the field which sees patient data and information transformed into both two and three dimensional representations. The aforementioned EchoPixel for example created the True3D Viewer, which takes information obtained through other medical imaging hardware such as CT and MRI scans and converts them into VR. OBRC also cites future innovations for use of AR in performing surgery.

Interested parties who want to find out more in depth details can do so, including purchasing the full report, here. VRFocus will continue bring you more updates relating to the full spectrum of VR and AR use in the days ahead.

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