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Mativision VRinOR - Medical Training Centre

VR Medical Training Facility Launched by Mativision

VR’s being used in dentistry to improve training techniques.

The healthcare industry has been pioneering new ways to utilise virtual reality (VR) across numerous fields, most notably for training purposes. Now Mativision, the company behind proprietary platform VRinOR, has announced the launch of a VR medical training facility opening in London, UK this week before being permanently located at the Practical Implant Dentistry (PID) Academy in Leeds.

The launch debuted a live dental implant surgery to a group of senior global doctors via the VRinOR platform. 25 doctors were invited to watch Dr Ashok Sethi – a specialist in dental implants, oral surgery and prosthodontics – perform two complex dental procedures using Samsung Gear VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Mativision VRinOR - Medical Training

Mativison’s Head of Marketing and Partnerships, George Kapellos said: “VRinOR gives better-than-live access to operations – traditionally students and doctors would be behind a partition when viewing live operations for training purposes – with VRinOR they have the same view as the surgeon: 360-degrees, full view of the cameras used internally in the patient, the ability to move around the operating theatre by switching the camera view, and at the same time they’re able to overlay the screen with patient information and other data.

“The opportunities to use VR technology for good are extensive and growing all the time. By breaking down traditional barriers, our bespoke training facility will allow doctors and healthcare professionals from across the world to learn from each other for the ultimate benefit of the patient, and the new centre is an important step in reaching this goal. We are thrilled to be part of the journey towards global democratisation of healthcare training.”

The closed London sessions will form part of a series on VRinOR, and once the main training facility opens in Leeds, the platform will be used as part f the academy’s Training in Practical Implant Dentistry course.

Dr Ashok Sethi commented: “The quality of VRinOR’s immersive and interactive content means I can demonstrate complex procedures with extreme precision and at the same time add a wealth of additional information to the VR content, helping my trainees get a deeper understanding of the surgery technique at a glance, even if they’re thousands of miles away. We are delighted to have access to this pioneering technology, and look forward to a future in which VR integration is standard practice in medical training.”

VRinOR is available to download now for Gear VR, iOS and Android platforms. When it launched earlier this year VRinOR showcased a cancer operation.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR in medicine, reporting back with any further announcements.

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