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Competition: Win A Copy Of Waddle Home For PlayStation VR With VRFocus

Win a chance to take home a penguin in need of going home

If you’re a fan of saving cute animals, we may very well have a competition just for you. October of course saw the launch of the PlayStation VR, which brought the second generation of virtual reality (VR) back to console gamers. The launch line-up was impressive and varied, we at VRFocus even produced a guide that you may want to look at to see just what types of experiences are out there.


One game that is out is Waddle Home. Waddle Home sees players set out to save a group of trapped penguins. The title is played from a third-person isometric view from which players guide penguins down a path to safety while also collecting eggs. Obstacles include traps and patrolling guards that the penguins must avoid in order to get off out of the area safely. Players will be scored based on their completion times and the amount of eggs that they collect in each level.

Originally a 2015 Samsung Gear VR title, it made the leap from mobile VR to PC with a HTC Vive edition back in July. It’s now available for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) headset and we’ve teamed up with Waddle Home‘s creators Archiact Interactive to offer you the chance to take some VR penguins into your home.

We’re giving away PlayStation VR codes to three VRFocus readers in North America and Europe. All you have to do is enter via one or more of the ways included in the app below. You have until November midnight (UK time) on November 8th to enter. Winners will be notified within 7 days and asked to nominate their PlayStation Store region, North America or Europe.

Win Waddle Home On PlayStation VR with VRFocus

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest updates and releases for the PlayStation VR HMD as they’re announced.

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