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WakingApp Releases Add-on to Turn CAD 3D Models into Interactive VR/AR

WakingApp expands its software functionality for CAD users.

WakingApp, a cloud-based platform for creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with its ENTiTi Creator software, has today announced a new add-on for CAD users. This will allow Autodesk Revit and Fusion 360 designers to transform 3D designs into AR and VR experiences without prior programming skills or experience in those technologies.

Using ENTiTi Creator CAD users can add interactivity to their designs, such as colours, animating objects and more. The software will also allow editing of existing projects created by the Revit or Fusion 360 add-on. When users save and publish their content in ENTiTi, the immersive experience can be immediately shared and viewed by clients and colleagues.

WakingApp ENTiTi - CAD

“The greatest challenge for the entry of AR/VR services to everyday business use is the cost of content in time and money,” said Udi Shani, CEO of WakingAPP. “With these new add-ins, WakingApp continues to break down key barriers in AR/VR content creation. We are excited to engage the entire 19 million strong CAD community and help lead them into the world of AR/VR with ease.”

This extra interactivity can be down with just a few clicks of the mouse, which WakingApp expects to see a profound impact on AR/VR design efficiency.

The content generated will be password-protected by default, so that only the user and authorized viewers will have access to it. The password is initiated directly to the Autodesk user’s account registered email address. For those interested in seeing the new functionality firsthand WakingApp staff will be on at the Nov14 MEETUP for Fusion 360 users and from 15th – 17th November in AU Conference Las Vegas to demonstrate the new plug-ins in person.

“Autodesk is excited to see WakingApp delivering our customers Augmented & Virtual Reality in just one click” said Jim Quanci, Senior Director Software partner Development. “When WakingApp’s ENTiTi software is combined with Autodesk apps, millions of CAD users and their customers can experience their designs in augmented and virtual reality in near real time.”

This isn’t the first instance of CAD being combined with VR/AR. Last week VRFocus reported on ImmersaCAD revealing a CAD navigation system that brings CAD files to life through mobile VR tech, and it’ll be at the same conference.

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