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BladeShield screenshot 2

Wave Defender BladeShield Coming to HTC Vive Next Week

There will be a 20 percent discount available at launch.

There are plenty of gallery style, wave based shooters for the HTC Vive but very solely focus on pure melee combat. Developers Rank17 and Silicon Storm plan to change that with BladeShield, a virtual reality (VR) title that allows players to duel wield powerful swords against incoming robots.

There’s a basic story behind BladeShield which revolves around the Titan-X transport vessel and its advanced onboard A.I., E.L.L.E.N. (Engaging Linguistic Learning Electronic Network). As is usually the case with sci-fi A.I.’s, it goes rogue and commands the ship’s replicator to create an army of murderous robots to kill every human being in the galaxy. As the sole security officer on the ship, players are tasked with putting a stop to the A.I. and saving everyone.

BladeShield screenshot 1

There’s a couple of different gameplay combinations to choose from, all of which can be changed on the fly. Those looking to go on the offensive can wield a BladeShield in each hand slicing up Sawbots, blaster drones, and mega turrets whilst blocking incoming laser bolts. There’s the mixed layout of sword and proton shield or for pure defence why not choose two shields. Using the swords to deflect laser bolts charges them up, they can then be slammed into the floor to unleash a devastating EMP blast against the murderous robots.

BladeShield will launch on Steam for HTC Vive on 28th November. Rank17 will be offering a 20 percent discount during the first week of sale, dropping the price from $4.99 USD down to $3.99.

Checkout the first trailer for BladeShield below, and for any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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