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Weeping Doll screenshot

Weeping Doll: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

There are 14 Trophies to unlock in the videogame.

Oasis Games has published several videogames for the PlayStation VR headset in its short lifespan so far. Arriving at the end of October from developer TianShe Media was horror title Weeping Doll, a dark, story-driven psychological mystery where dolls come alive fuelled by the negative thoughts of their child owners. There are 14 Trophies to unlock and VRFocus has the full run down below.

Weeping Doll mixes exploration with puzzle solving as players need to search a mysterious house, scouring every room and scrutinising over every detail to piece together the story.

Weeping Doll screenshot

Full Trophy List:


Soul of A Maid – Hang A Tong’s hat onto the hanger (Bronze)

Family of Four – Check Furuyagi’s family photo on the coffee table (Bronze)

Room for Nobody – Try getting into Ayasa’s room (Bronze)

Midnight Tale – Turn on the radio in the Japanese room (Bronze)

Love from the Doll Maker – Check Ayasa’s food tray (Bronze)

Helpless – Try making a phone call (Bronze)

The Newer the Better – Check Lord’s new hammer (Bronze)

Lost and Found – Find Lord’s lost hammer (Bronze)

Haunted Rhymes – Play the phonograph (Bronze)

Wedding Anniversary – Check the wedding photo in the master bedroom (Bronze)

Secret in Bathroom – Get into the bathroom after leaving the master bedroom (Bronze)


Let’s Play Hide ‘N Seek – Try getting into dining room after leaving the master bedroom (Silver)

Cautiousness – Getting into the dining room after leave the brig (Silver)


Escape – Complete the game (Gold)

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