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YouVisit Brings Interactive VR Experiences to Daydream

YouVisit brings its VR expertise to Daydream.

YouVisit, a virtual reality (VR) content provider that originally began by offering virtual campus tours and then 360-degree content for real life locations, has launched a new app today for Google’s Daydream View headset.

For the initial launch today, the YouVisit app will feature 27 VR experiences that contain an additional 84 pieces of interactive content for users to explore. The content will range from documentary-style experiences that highlight interesting stories in everyday life, interactive travel content that lets the user lead the exploration, to all-access looks at events such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and the TomorrowWorld EDM Festival.

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“We have set out to create content that not only excites consumers, but enables them to experience, learn and understand more about the world around them,” said Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of YouVisit. “As we continue to make more experiences available, we seek to offer more opportunities for people to come away with not only enjoyment, but also with a new perspective.”

As Daydream View comes supplied with its own specific controller, YouVisit’s experiences feature a new interactive spherical navigation system, giving users intuitive control over how they explore content. The experiences are spherical ‘worlds’, and users can preview each one before engaging with it fully.

“We use a series of innovative technologies to make each VR experience a personally interactive path of choice for each user,” said Mandelbaum. “We believe in giving viewers the power to go deeper into areas of the experience that they’re most interested in, and we’re excited to bring this standout content to Daydream.”

“Our goal at YouVisit is to expand the way consumers think about virtual reality,” adds Mandelbaum. “By enabling viewers to choose how they interact with an experience and what they get out of it, we are moving past the idea of passive viewing and better engaging the true potential of this medium. This type of interaction is what will help consumers to not only feel more familiar with the technology, but more empowered to leverage it for their own daily needs.”

YouVisit can be downloaded now for Daydream View, and in the future the company plans to make user-generated content from its Experience Builder platform available on the platform, giving users the ability to share their own VR experiences.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of YouVisit, reporting back with any further updates.

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