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3D VR Feature Film NanoEden Asks: “When Is Technology Too Much?”

Is living on after death heaven, or hell?

With both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) there are always firsts. The first to achieve something or to present something in a particular way. One of the things we, and I imagine many of you, have noticed however is there seems to be an awful lot of these firsts. As in more than one. In many cases they end up being the first to do something under certain criteria, and that seems to be the case with today’s news from America about NanoEden. Which claims to be the first 3D VR feature film. There have been at least three other films to claim they are the first VR feature film, and there will probably be even more so in 2017. But the first 3D VR feature film?

The film itself takes on the idea of living on after death through the use of technology, specifically the uploading of the mind onto computer hardware where it then continues to function. Emulated living, in essence. If you did die and your brain was uploaded to a virtual simulation, would you know? Would the reality of your situation be one of acceptance or pain? A couple who consented to brain uploads find this out in the film by Brazilian Director Daniel Bydlowski, a graduate student at the University of California.

“Our goal is not only to explore the language of VR in a way that allows us to tell stories, but also create mechanisms that will allow it to be used by traditional filmmakers and be financially accessible to independent producers.” he explains. “The number of people going to the movie theater is decreasing dramatically. Many are happy to watch films on their computers and cell phones. Virtual reality could be the way to compensate for the lack of immersion of small screens and transport audiences back to the world of a story more effectively.”

The film is due out in the latter half of 2017 and is being made in partnership with Synaptic VFX whose credits include Now You See Me 2, Iron Man, Hancock, and Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Whilst the visual effects are being handled by a team that includes one of those who put together the devastated world of The Day After Tomorrow.

VRFocus will bring you more news on this project next year.

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