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9 Game Indie Bundle Pack Coming Soon to PlayStation VR

Expect to see HeroCade in the next few weeks.

If you’ve bagged yourself a PlayStation VR recently, then you’ll have seen some of the diverse range of content available for the headset even in these early days. From AAA titles to small indie projects, there’s been a continual influx of videogames of varying lengths and quality. Recently indie studio Lucid Sight – which has released five virtual reality (VR) during 2016 – announced a new bundle offer that would include nine titles for one low price called HeroCade.The studio is combining several of its VR experiences with other indie studios work to showcase the broad range of content that’s being made for the format.

HeroCade Sisters-Dreadhalls-Jurassic Survival

The nine titles are:

  • Dreadhalls (Winner of Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design) – White Door Games
  • Sisters (Sundance 2016’s New Frontier Selection) – Otherworld Interactive
  • Jurassic Survival
  • 405 Road Rage – Lucid Sight
  • PolyRunner VR – Lucid Sight
  • Space Bit Attack – Lucid Sight
  • Zombie Strike – Lucid Sight
  • Turkey Hunt – Lucid Sight
  • Gumi No Yume – Lucid Sight

“We wanted to give the gamer a taste of many different VR games at a reasonable price point,” said Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight. “VR is such a new medium, consumers want to see all the different experiences that have never been possible before. We wanted to include nine games at a price point below $15, so players could try a lot of different stuff. Each game will be less than a couple bucks.”

There’s no solid release date set for the PlayStation VR bundle, just that it’ll be ‘late 2016/ early 2017’. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Lucid Sight, reporting back with any further announcements.

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