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Dino Frontier

Build an Alternate Wildwest in Dino Frontier for PlayStation VR

Get a first look at the strategy title coming in 2017.

If you watched Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Showcase last night for its annual PlayStation Experience event you’ll have noticed new PlayStation VR announcements were slightly lacking. There were some new trailers for Ace Combat 7 and Resident Evil 7 biohazard, but only one new title was properly announced Starblood Arena. For eagle eyed viewers there was one other, but its wasn’t specifically mentioned, simply put into a trailer show reel, and that was Dino Frontier.

Dino Frontier-screen-04-PSVR-us-03dec16

Being developed by Uber Entertainment, Dino Frontier is a tabletop virtual reality (VR), strategy simulation, in which players can build and manage a frontier settlement in the wild west. The twist is that the studio has combined this era with that of the Jurassic era, so there’s plenty of dinosaurs wandering around.

Assuming the role of Big Mayor, players need to carefully balance resources to grow the town, all the while contending with wild dinosaurs, which can prove to be a dangerous foe or a useful asset in the right hands.

Uber Entertainment has now released a full trailer for Dino Frontier so you can get a better look at what’s in store. Scheduled for release in Summer 2017, VRFocus will bring you further details on the PlayStation VR title as we get them.

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