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ROM Extraction screenshot 1

Checkout the Latest Screenshots for ROM: Extraction

Several images showcase the frantic action in store for HTC Vive owners this week.

If you like your virtual reality (VR) shooting videogames then a new title is set to launch on HTC Vive this coming week. Created by new studio First Contact Entertainment, ROM: Extraction is a gallery style first-person shooter (FPS) set in a sci-fi universe with extraterrestrial robots. Yesterday VRFocus reported on the first teaser trailer being released, a cinematic look at the enemies players will face. But to see what the title will actually be like, take a look at the screenshots below.

With a look not too dissimilar to Survios’ Raw Data, ROM: Extraction a time bending mechanic called ‘Reflex’. Rather than having an arsenal of guns, players throw orbs at approaching enemies to destroy them. In their other hand is an energy pistol which has two functions, the first is to ignite the orbs for more strategic kills, while the other unleashes the time mechanic.

As the screenshots below showcase, players are centralized in a room with waves of enemy robots attacking from all sides. They also detail First Contact Entertainment’s team pedigree – made up of VR veterans and AAA videogame talent – with highly detailed artwork and graphical polish throughout.

ROM: Extraction is set to launch for HTC Vive on Wednesday, 7th December. An Oculus Rift version has been confirmed, but not a release date.

For all the latest news on ROM: Extraction, keep reading VRFocus.

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