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Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Coming to Oculus Rift Next Month

The dinosaur adventure is no longer PS VR exclusive.

Up until today Crytek has always maintained that its dinosaur infested adventure title Robinson: The Journey was a PlayStation VR exclusive, never mentioning plans for other headset support. Now the studio will be making the videogame available to Oculus Rift users from next month.

Robinson: The Journey casts players as Robin, a boy that’s left stranded on an alien world called Tyson III after his ship crash lands. But Robin isn’t alone, he’s accompanied by an AI companion called HIGS, and together they must survive the harsh environment and dangerous inhabitants as they search for the lost crew, solving puzzles and unearthing the planet’s secrets along the way.

Robinson The Journey screenshot

While Crytek has confirmed the launch for next month it has yet to state an actual date. The announcement didn’t include confirmation of Oculus Touch support, as the title can be played with a gamepad.

VRFocus posted a review of Robinson: The Journey, for PlayStation VR in November stating: “Robinson: The Journey often demonstrates just how far VR development has come.”

As Crytek releases further details on the upcoming launch of Robinson: The Journey, VRFocus will let you know.

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