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DEXED Oculus Touch Update Goes Live, Adds Two New Modes

Take the Arcade challenge or relax in Zen mode.

Oculus Touch launches tomorrow and customers who’ve pre-ordered the controllers have likely been looking through the company’s confirmed list of 50 + supporting titles to download on day one. One of those Oculus confirmed was Ninja Theory’s Dexed – originally launched on HTC Vive in Septemberand today the update adding support has gone live. The developer also announced two new modes have been added to extend gameplay.

The free update includes Arcade Mode and Zen Mode, each offering a different take on DEXED’s standard gameplay. Arcade is an endless mode for players who want to take the gameplay challenge to the next level. There will be new enemies to battle and seamless combos to execute all whilst challenging players around the world in the global leaderboards. Zen Mode goes in the complete opposite direction, taking players on a relaxing tour of the environments of DEXED. So they can sit back and enjoy them at leisure, free of enemies, markers, and distractions.

DEXED screenshot

Inspired by videogames such as Panzer Dragoon and Ikaruga, DEXED came to life through a game jam held earlier this year at Ninja Theory’s offices. The videogame is an on-rails shooter in which one controller shoots ice projectiles while the other shoots fire. The enemies players come across are then weaker to one of these projectile types. Getting the highest score is the main challenge in DEXED, so the title features a tagging mechanic so that players can select multiple enemies before releasing a volley of missiles at them, thus gaining a larger score.

The new modes aren’t just for Oculus Touch, so HTC Vive players will be able to play them for free. For any further updates on DEXED, keep reading VRFocus.

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