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Every Kid in a Park VR Experience Now on Jaunt featuring First Lady Michelle Obama

View the VR experience on Jaunt’s VR app for free.

Jaunt is one of the most prolific distributors of immersive 360-degree content, having a wealth of experiences available through its virtual reality (VR) app. Today the company, along with Sub Rosa, a Manhattan-based strategy and design studio, The North Face, and Civic Nation have unveiled the brand-new Every Kid in a Park Virtual Reality Experience featuring First Lady Michelle Obama and Modern Family‘s Nolan Gould, a Sierra Club Youth Ambassador.

Designed to support President Obama’s Every Kid in a Park program, which provides the US’s fourth graders, their teachers, and their families with free admission to more than 2,000 public lands and waters for a full year, First Lady Michelle Obama introduces Every Kid in a Park’s mission at the start of the experience. It then moves onto Gould as he, with the help of marine biologist Kelly Moore, take viewers around the Channel Islands National Park.

Every Kid in a Park VR Experience

“Working on the Every Kid in a Park initiative this year has been an huge honor for my team,” said Sub Rosa’s Founder/CEO Michael Ventura. “From launching everykidinapark.org this past spring, to collaborating on the VR experience with Jaunt, The North Face, Nolan Gould, and Mrs. Obama, we’re proud to help nurture the next generation of environmental stewards.”

“We’ve been thrilled to have the opportunity to work on the Every Kid in a Park Virtual Reality Experience. It’s an incredibly important initiative that inspires kids and their families to explore this beautiful country of ours,” said Alex Pearce, Producer for Jaunt. “The filming process – working with Rangers from the Channel Islands National Park, and with the very talented Nolan Gould – was a dream from start to finish.”

The VR experience launches just as several federal agencies have signed an agreement to keep the program running and maintain the success of Every Kid in a Park in order to give every child access the US’s public lands and waters. After the program has run for 12 years, every school-age child in the country will have had the chance to explore their public lands and waters for free.

To view the Every Kid in a Park VR Experience, visit www.everykidinapark.org or Jaunt’s website to view as a 360-video on your monitor. For a more immersive experience download the Jaunt app on Google Daydream, iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

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