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Fantastic Contraption PSVR_1

Fantastic Contraption Coming to PlayStation VR Spring 2017

Checkout the new trailer to see how the title works for PSVR.

One of the most well known virtual reality (VR) puzzle titles is likely to be Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games and Radial Games. The HTC Vive had it as a launch day experience, and it featured in a free content bundle for the system for several months. The developers then brought it to Oculus Touch for its launch day earlier this month, and while they maybe a little late to the PlayStation VR launch window, the studios have now confirmed support for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) headset.

Radial Games’ Stephen Gray made the announcement via PlayStation.Blog, introducing a new trailer for the reveal as well as a release window, Spring 2017. The videogame is a quirky puzzle solver that requires players to do just on thing, get a pink blob from their location to a giant pink area that can be in front, behind, below or above them. This is achieved by building all manner of weird and crazy inventions that can roll, spin, flip, catapult themselves and the pink orb towards the target. Just as the original title, the PlayStation VR version will feature 50 levels to work through, as well as the most recent Kaiju update.

Fantastic Contraption PSVR_2

The Kaiju update arrived last month bringing with it a new scaling option for those building in restricted areas. This allows users to scale from 50% of regular size all the way down to 10%, which makes everything look like a miniature set of contraption pieces. This should be especially beneficial to PlayStation VR owners who don’t get the freedom of movement that HTC Vive users get with Room Scale. Due to the single camera system that PlayStation VR uses, Fantastic Contraption will most likely be a sat down experience for players, with the Kaiji update allowing them to build directly on their laps.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Fantastic Contraption, reporting back with any further updates.

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