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Far Beyond: A Space Odyssey Adds Oculus Rift and Touch Support

You can download the title today ready for Oculus Touch launch.

There’s not long to wait until Oculus Touch finally arrives in the hands of consumers around the world, and yesterday Oculus unveiled the 50+ videogames that would support the controllers at launch. But those officially announced titles actually don’t reveal every experience that’ll support Touch on launch day, as French developer Mains Digitales Interactive has now confirmed Far Beyond: A Space Odyssey will also be available.

Today the studio made the announcement that its strategy title – which launched on HTC Vive in October – now supports Oculus Rift and Touch ahead of launch.

Far Beyond A space odyssey image 2

In Far Beyond: A space odyssey, players are the last survivor of a ancient civilization. Taking command of an spaceship named Genesis, that should allow them to journey across the universe to a distant habitable planet Earth, they’re tasked with juggling between refueling and recharging the battery, extracting ore, repairing damages and planning the trip in hyperspace.

“With Far Beyond: A space odyssey, I deliberately chose to move away from the experiences based primarily on the “wow” factor of VR. I wanted to create “a real game” that would certainly be less fancy and intuitive as other more arcade experiences, but with a deeper gameplay requiring several hours before being mastered. It was a risk I wanted to take,” said Mains Digitales Interactive’s Game Director.

Far Beyond: A space odyssey is a mix between Out there and I expected you to die. In my opinion, this is the perfect game if you want to experiment with an innovative and unique gameplay in Virtual Reality.

“We focused on a rich and deep gameplay, with a single leitmotiv: being able to successfully build a game that is comfortable, that takes full advantage of the capabilities of VR, offering many hours of play through a good replayability within our small budget.

“Create a realistic and immersive environment was a real challenge for our team. We had to make a choice between quantity and quality. I assure you, we chose quality. I am convinced that the final result will satisfy the majority of the VR community.”

The videogame is available to purchase through Steam for $19.99 USD, €19.99 EUR and £14.99 GBP. For all the latest updates to Far Beyond: A space odyssey, keep reading VRFocus.

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