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Gatecrash Update for EVE: Valkyrie Brings Support for PlayStation Pro and New Map

The new update will arrive this week.

The PlayStation Experience has now drawn to a close for another year, and over the weekend Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) revealed several new titles for PlayStation VR. Yesterday CCP Games took part in a dedicated live-stream for its virtual reality (VR) title EVE: Valkyrie, revealing the next big update for the franchise.

Called Gatecrash, the update includes a selection of new features and improvements for all versions of the videogame as well as one major one for PlayStation 4.

EVE Valkyrie - Teaser Image

Firstly there’s the new map, Gateway. This features a giant mega structure which players can fly into, around, and use for cover. In the middle of this floating colossus is a warp tunnel, allowing players to fly at high speed from one end to the other.

The next big addition is that of pilot customisation. Players will be able to select from thousands of different options such as helmets, flight suits, colours, armour, and cockpit options to tailor their craft and avatar to their own liking. These options can be unlocked through normal experience progression, so the more you play the more you unlock.

The last update for all versions of EVE: Valkyrie is that of ship rebalancing. CCP Games only spoke about the heavy class, saying that the ship had been retuned to become more tank like in its operation.

There’s one final patch included, this brings support for those that have purchased one of the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. This means EVE: Valkyrie has now been optimised for the more powerful console, bring with it: faster loading times, increased resolution, better particle effects and dynamic shadows.

If you want to see the new Gateway map in action checkout the gameplay trailer below. The new update will arrive this week on Wednesday, 7th December. For all the latest news on EVE: Valkyrie, keep reading VRFocus.

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