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Head Out onto the Slopes as Alpine Ski VR Lands on Rift and Vive

The title arrives tomorrow on Steam.

If you fancy yourself as a skier, hurtling down mountainsides with only a few inches of snow between you and solid ground, but haven’t yet given it a go, then Alpine Ski VR might be worth a look.

Developed by Suchworks Ltd, Alpine Ski VR puts players at the top of a mountain with the only way forward begin down. There are 3 game modes for players to test their skills at: Slalom, Freestyle and Heliski. Slalom is a race to the bottom with gates to ski though, timing and accuracy are essential to secure the best line and the best time. Freestyle is all about big air and even bigger points. There’s a mixture of mountain courses and professional ramp areas for players to try and accomplish tricks such as 360’s, 540’s and more. The more tricks that are linked together the higher the multiplyer will go, land a trick badly and watch it reset. Both Freestyle and Slalom feature six individual levels to complete, with local leaderboards available for friends to compete against each other.

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The last mode available is Heliski. This gives players a masive 100km2 of offpiste snow to carve up, however and wherever they like. They can pilot the helicopter themselves to find that ideal location on the mountain to ski down.

Suchworks Ltd has implemented an intuitive control scheme for Alpine Ski VR which doesn’t require a controller. Harking back to systems used for mobile VR titles, the videogame simply requires the user to tilt their head in the appropriate direction, with small movements being key. Checkout the two videos below to see what Alpine Ski VR is about prior to its launch tomorrow on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR. For further VR announcements from Suchworks Ltd, keep reading VRFocus.

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