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HTC Teases Upcoming Announcement ‘For U’

The company has a big reveal coming next month.

The year of virtual reality (VR) is drawing to a close and its certainly not disappointed. Headsets have launched, masses of videogames are now available, new VR innovations are still regularly occurring across multiple industries, and investment continues to push the technology ever forward. And it’s this constant drive that has the VR industry, VR professionals, developers, and enthusiasts looking towards the new year to see what’s in store. CES 2017 will be the first event to keep an eye on but HTC has something up its sleeve for January, after making a teasing announcement today.

The company has just released a single image (seen below) with the slogan ‘For U’ and a date 01.12.2017 written on it. This will be the date of the company’s next big announcement and currently it’s anyone’s guess what it could involve.


Naturally HTC has many interests across the globe, but consumers mostly know the company for its smartphones and most recently the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). If the announcement turns out to be VR related, it could be along the lines of a new Vive headset or the official reveal of the new controllers which were shown as prototypes during the recent Steam Dev Days in October. Or it could be both.

There’s also the possibility of some sort of initiative to promote or get more headsets into the hands of consumers. This might be a¬†mobile HMD, similar to that of Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream View. VR professionals seem to agree that mobile is the future of the technology, providing a powerful, untethered experience, currently limited by its lack of spatial awareness. It would certainly make sense for HTC to create a mobile HMD, they’re cheap and great for mass market appeal, and if its dedicated to HTC smartphones, it may help that side of the business.

There’s just over three weeks to go until the reveal, so until then keep reading VRFocus for anymore info.

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