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Virtuix Omni

International Backers of Virtuix Omni Won’t Be Getting Their Orders as Refund Programme Initiated

There’s going to be some very disgruntled backers out there.

Casting your mind back to the early years of virtual reality’s consumer resurgence, Virtuix launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its omni-directional treadmill, called Virtuix Omni. The campaign was highly successful raising just over $1.1 million USD, eclipsing its funding goal of $150,000. It’s been a bumpy road since then with redesigns and delays, but in September the company updated its funding page showing the first lot of boxed products ready to be shipped from the manufacturing plant in China due for arrival in the US last month. Now Virtuix has released a statement informing international backers outside of the US that’ll they’ll no longer be receiving their products.On Virtuix’s community thread, the company details the issues its been having trying to sort the logistics for shipping the large boxes the treadmill comes in, saying: “In the last few months we have explored cost effective options to get the Omni distributed and serviced worldwide. After much internal debate and soul-searching, we have concluded that as a small U.S. based startup, we unfortunately do not have the resources to deliver and service units in every country.

Virtuix Omni

“Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to only deliver units to our U.S. home market and issue refunds to our customers outside of the U.S. Internationally.”

This will likely come as a shock to any backer who lives outside of the US as this is the first mention of such an issue, especially those that have been waiting for the last three years. In recompense, Virtuix will be issuing refunds with an interest payment. “To make up for having customers’ funds in our possession for such a long time, we will supplement each refund with an interest payment of 3% annually (compounded monthly) on the funds held by us,” the statement details.

It’s not just bad news for international customers either, the company has revealed that due to the weight and size of the Virtuix Omni delivering the unit to US customer addresses will now cost $200. In light of this the company is offering the same refund programme for those wishing to get their money back.

You can read the full statement here, and for any further updates on Virtuix, keep reading VRFocus.

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