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Island 359 - T-RexRoars

Island 359 Update Adds New Gameplay Modes and T-Rex

A huge new update comes to Island 359, bringing with it a terrifying T-Rex boss battle and new gameplay mode.

The popular virtual reality (VR) videogame, Island 359, has received a brand new update bringing new gameplay modes, enemies, control systems and more. Available now, the update is free to download for all new and existing owners using the HTC Vive.

Island 359: Zero Dark screenshot

Known as Zero Dark, the update includes the addition of movement controls via the HTC Vive motion-controller touchpads. Implemented based on user feedback, this new addition is still early and ready to be updated based on further information resulting from extended use at the hands of the community. So too is the Main Menu interface, which has been designed to be less confusing. No longer are players forced to play through the tutorial – the option to jump directly into whichever gameplay mode is desired remains available – but the beginning of missions has also been simplified as the developers had deemed it ‘too clunky’.

New gameplay modes include the Arcade Mode, which tasks the player with surviving through 24 waves of increasingly difficult dinosaurs across three maps. A T-Rex boss battle is included in one of these maps, if you can survive that long. Also available are Mission Modifiers, which all you to play any map in Full Auto or Ranger (bow and knife only) modes, with more promised to come soon.

Players upgrades have also been introduced, allowing you to earn credits and increase statistics. As you progress through Arcade Mode, you’ll earn credits and level up to allowing you to spend your earned credits on player or weapon upgrades. These upgrades will be applicable in Mercenary Mode through the next update coming to Island 359.

Island 359: Zero Dark screenshot

Other updates include a full day/night cycle, interaction system overhaul and a fix to the visual configuration options, allowing settings to be saved. A visual indication of a player’s hands has also been added to the videogame, but developer Cloudgate Studio insists that this is far from the final design.

The Zero Dark update is available for Island 359 now, which remains in Steam Early Access and can be purchased at a discounted rate – £11.24 GBP, opposed to £14.99 – for a limited time. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest updates and additions to Island 359.

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