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It’s a Blast from the Past as Battlezone Unveils Classic Mode Update

New maps, missions and events are incoming next week.
For PlayStation VR owners several titles should form the core of of their libraries, one of which is Rebellion’s Battlezone. If you’ve been following VRFocus‘ coverage of Battlezone you should know that its a remake of a classic Atari title from the early 1980’s. Today the developer has announced its next update for the virtual reality (VR) videogame, recreating the original title along with adding lots of new content.

Players will be able to dive into the wireframe world of 80’s Battlezone, with their tank still rendered as normal but the rest of the environment and enemies in the classic black and green attire. Called ‘Classic Mode’, this is entirely separate from the main campaign, with players able to choose between Battlezone’s modern control scheme or the retro ‘two-track’ tank track controls. Classic Mode is all about point scoring with global leaderboards showcasing the best of the best.
Battlezone Classic Mode_1
And there’s more in store. There are new maps, missions and events, single-player health crystals as an extra way of restoring health and more customisation options. The new update will bring new skin packs to the PlayStation Store, a pack of custom horns to make players heard, and bobbleheads including one for 2000AD’s Judge Dredd and a snowman.
The update will launch next week on Tuesday, 20th December, absolutely free. For all the latest news on Battlezone, keep reading VRFocus. 
Battlezone 1.03 Patch Notes:
Classic Mode now available
Field Manual now available 
– Both Classic Mode and Field Manual available via Extras Menu
Updated campaign content
– New maps, missions and events
– Health crystals in single-player as additional means of restoring health
– Hints will display upon death
– HUD colour options added to Settings Menu
Bug fixes and optimizations 
– Fixed a bug where hoppers sometimes got stuck in level geometry
– Reduced projectile-based lag when not hosting in online co-op
– Various performance optimizations
Added purchasable tank customization options
– New skins, bobbleheads and horns now available to purchase
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