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Micro Machines VR Racing - Kitchen

It’s Time for Some Miniature Car Madness in Micro Machines VR Racing

Dive into the miniature world today.

If you’re of a certain you’ll probably remember the original Micro Machines videogame from the early 90’s. Highly popular due to its unique theme and addictive gameplay, that first title spawned many more in the years since. For 2016 Codemasters has brought the franchise back, releasing a Micro Machines on iOS, and this week Micro Machines VR Racing for Gear VR.

Taking all the crazy racing madness of the series and sandwiching it into virtual reality (VR), the single-player experience features seven cup competitions to work through, each made up of six events. There’s also five race modes to work on, Classic Race, Escape, Overtake, Countdown, Time Trial.

Micro Machines VR Racing - Lab

Keep the same fun racing mechanic as its forebears, Micro Machines VR Racing includes all the usual powerups and weapons you’d expect from Codemasters. Mines, machine guns, giant car-mounted hammers and more are all there to cause havoc to players opponents.

Micro Machines VR Racing costs ¬£7.99 GBP from the Oculus Store, and doesn’t require a Bluetooth controller to enjoy. For all the latest releases on Gear VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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