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Japanese Developer Cave Announces First VR Title A.I am Monster

Become a giant schoolgirl and smash up Tokyo, simple.

Announcing its first virtual reality (VR) videogame this week was Cave, a Japanese developer known for titles including DoDonPachi and Mushihimesama. Doing what the Japanese do best – creating giant things to destroy cities – Cave has revealed the development of A.I am Monster, reports Gematsu.

A.I am Monster seems to revolve around one thing smashing stuff, or to be more precise buildings. Players take on the role of a giant Japanese schoolgirl who’s going on a rampage through Tokyo, trying to score as many points as possible by creating as much destruction as possible.


Few other details have been provided so far but the studio has released an initial trailer showcasing some gameplay footage. And for some reason the video has a bloke dressing up as the character in A.I am Monster, then heading out into the city to smash things up.

While Cave hasn’t officially announced which head-mounted displays will support A.I am Monster, the trailer clearly shows the HTC Vive, so motion control support such as Oculus Touch and PlayStation Move for PlayStation VR could be a possibility.

A.I am Monster is due for release in Japan in 2017. If there is a western release VRFocus will let you know.

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