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Hawaii VR screenshot

‘Let Hawaii Happen’ VR App Brings in 50,000 Unique Users Reveals Immersv

Marketing platform Immersv reveals some initial results for promotion using VR.

Back in September VRFocus reported on the Hawaii Tourism Authority creating a virtual reality (VR) app called Let Hawaii Happen. Conceived by OMD’s Zero Code in collaboration with Hawaii-based agency MVNP and visual effects shop Framestore, the app also used VR marketing platform Immersv. Today Immersv has released the results from the marketing campaign, showcasing how immersive tech is becoming a a viable marketing tool.

The campaign – which could be watched on smartphones using Google Cardboard – was viewed by more than 50,000 unique users in using VR headsets and 360° mobile apps, delivering engagement and conversion rates that Immersv state were far superior to campaigns on traditional mobile or desktop environments.

Hawaii VR screenshot

Running across Immersv’s network of 360° and VR app publishers as pre-roll video ads or opt-in ads, they presented when viewers looked at the “More VR Content” button within an experience. They were then taken to Immersv’s 360° custom room, where the 30-second ad promoting the Let Hawaii Happen app ran on a virtual theater screen. A branded end card appeared at the conclusion of the video, allowing the viewer to either download the app right then or save it later, once they were finished with their current experience.

What Immersv found was that 70 percent of viewers watched the video ad to completion, with 25 percent performing a “gaze-through” on one of the calls to action. By the end of the campaign’s completion Immersv say over 8,500 people visited the app’s page in Google Play during the five-week campaign. By comparison, mobile advertising tends to drive just 9.5% click through rates, while desktop advertising tends to drive approximately 0.4% click through rates, according to the Innovid 2016 Global Video Benchmarks report.

“OMD and the Hawaii Tourism Authority recently partnered with Immersv to reach new and relevant users through Immersv’s discovery & distribution network,” said Aileen Viray, Senior Project Manager, Zero Code OMD USA, the agency that ran the campaign with Immersv. “Travel and tourism as a whole are a natural fit for VR, as it allows users to see themselves in another space and drives the desire to have that experience in real life. We are excited to have found a way to engage travelers through this up and coming medium.”

“We are witnessing the rise of a whole new medium and a powerful new channel for marketers,” said Mihir Shah, Immersv’s CEO. “The extremely high engagement rates of the ‘Let Hawaii Happen’ campaign and other 360°/VR ads on our platform demonstrate that consumers are clearly hungry for more content and experiences. Right now, there’s an enormous opportunity for marketers in travel and tourism as well as in other verticals who want to leverage the power of 360° and Virtual Reality marketing.”

Immersv is just one of a new breed of advertising platforms looking to leverage the growing user base and immersive qualities of VR. As this area of the industry grows, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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