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Life In 360°: A Stalk On The Wild Side

Out into the night of Africa with the BBC.

Today’s video trip into all things 360 degrees lands us back in Africa, thanks to the team from the BBC‘s Planet Earth II nature documentary. The series, described once again by Sir David Attenborough has taken the country by storm. Wowing men, women and children of all ages.

Over on the BBC Earth Unplugged YouTube channel a number of 360 degree videos have been uploaded for virtual reality (VR) fans to enjoy. This particular one places you out on the Savannah late at night. A time for hunting, and a time for hiding. But what animals are lurking in the dark with you? Can you survive the hyenas, the lions and more?

If you do, join us on VRFocus tomorrow at the same time for another 360 degree video and maybe even some more animals.

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