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Life In 360°: Three-Six-Tea

It’s a storm in a teacup, (or two) with Lipton.

Being a British based virtual reality (VR) site – for those of you who didn’t know, we are – one of the ways that I guess we could offer to help you get through the day would be to offer you a stereotypical cup of tea. This would certainly be possible if:

a) The site had enough budget to purchase tens of thousands of cups of tea.


b) Somebody invents t-mail.

Heck, personally I don’t even like tea. (Such a crime is usually punished by exile in the UK, incidentally.) But regardless of that fact we can have been able to procure you a brew in a slightly different way – a 360 degree way.

The Lipton tea brand have come up with two videos, both of which we include below that takes you not out for a cuppa, but into one. The experiences were created in collaboration between Carrot Creative, The Colony VR and its animation and design studio Afterparty VFX. Not to mention Lipton’s owners, Unilever.


The experiences come as it launches a new brand in ‘Magnificent Matcha’ which is one of the videos and has already been watched a whopping 3.2 million times. Whilst the other features the flavour ‘Enticing Chai’.

Creative Director at Carrot Creative, Harun Zankel explained the aim of the project. “The idea was to immerse the viewer in a cup of tea, and energize them with rich imagery and motion graphics that speak to each tea’s origin.”

It wasn’t easy to produce either, with Colony VR and Afterparty having to create custom tools as Colony VR’s David Gaddie confirmed. “It was such an unusual idea, we loved it straight away.” But the VR toolset had simply “not yet been invented” in order to mix not just their existing tool into a 360 degree form but also mix liquid effects, matte paintings, seperate elements for the ingredients and of course CG.

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with another trip to Life In 360 as we ramp up towards the end of the year and we get to daily videos again.

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