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ROM: Extraction First Teaser Trailer Released, Launch Dated

Checkout the first trailer for the upcoming HTC Vive and Oculus Rift shooter.

New virtual reality (VR) studio First Contact Entertainment revealed the first details for its upcoming videogame ROM: Extraction last month. Inspired by classic arcade shooters, the studio only released one image, showing a vicious looking robot. Now its released a teaser trailer along with a confirmed release date.

First Contact Entertainment describes ROM: Extraction’s gameplay mechanic as “Throw, Slow & Shoot.” Whereby players will have the ability to slow down time – called “Reflex” power – to help defend themselves against these dangerous looking, extraterrestrial robots. The videogame will be a first-person shooter (FPS) using motion-based controls, three difficulty settings and global and local leaderboards.

ROM: Extraction will see an initial release on HTC Vive next week, on 7th December. Support has also been confirmed for Oculus Rift, although no date has been given, but with the developers specific mention of motion controls, it’s likely the title will support Oculus Touch as well.

On the videogames Steam listing First Contact Entertainment also notes plans for future DLC releases. These include more gameplay modes, further levels, a co-op multiplayer, character skins for multiplayer, additional enemies with new attributes, and power-ups and orbs with special properties.

Checkout the new trailer below, and for further details on ROM: Extraction, keep reading VRFocus.

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