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ROM: Extraction Hits HTC Vive and Oculus Touch

Grab the developers debut title with a limited time discount.

It was only last month when fledgling studio First Contact Entertainment announced its debut virtual reality (VR) title ROM: Extraction. Since then the developer teased the first screenshots as well as a trailer. Now owners of HTC Vive and Oculus Touch can download the fast-paced action shooter.

Created on Unreal Engine and released through Steam, ROM: Extraction combines the AAA first-person shooter (FPS) heritage of First Contact Entertainment (Starbreeze, Blizzard, Treyarch and Infinity Ward) with modern VR technology, paying homage to classic arcade videogames.

ROM Extraction screenshot 6

While ROM: Extraction is an FPS at heart, it features several twists to the usual mechanic. The first is a time bending function called ‘Reflex’. Rather than having an arsenal of guns, players throw orbs at approaching enemies to destroy them. In their other hand is an energy pistol which has two functions, the first is to ignite the orbs for more strategic kills, while the other unleashes the time mechanic.

ROM: Extraction is all about dropping players right into the action and keeping them coming back for more,” said Hess Barber, co-founder and president of First Contact Entertainment. “The addictive fun of its high-energy, round-based play sessions is the foundation on which we’re building an evolving, groundbreaking VR game.”

For its launch this week ROM: Extraction comes with a limited time discount available. Running until 14th December, players can pick up the title for £12.74 GBP rather than £14.99, saving 15 percent off the normal price.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of First Contact Entertainment, reporting back with any new updates.

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