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Samsung Reveal Work on New Gear VR Models

Samsung make just start making AR glasses as well.

Following the recent release of Google Daydream and Oculus VR’s reveal of the Santa Cruz wireless head-mounted display (HMD) prototype at Oculus Connect 3, San Jose, earlier this year, many have wondered what the future has in store for the Gear VR brand. According to Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong, Vice President of Samsung Electronics, two new products are in development, with the first set to be revealed ‘in a short time’.

Speaking at the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego earlier this week, Hong stated that Samsung ‘is building two VR engines’. The first of these, according to Wearable Zone is likely to be a successor to the current Gear VR model. The second is perhaps more interesting though, and most certainly is further from consumer release.

Virtual Reality Summit - Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong - Samsung

“My team is developing a light field engine,” Hong stated. “Samsung’s hologram technology is really, really realistic. It looks really touchable.”

The statements suggest a technology similar to that which Magic Leap are currently working on, and to a lesser degree the Microsoft HoloLens. Hong stated that Samsung would be open to collaboration for this technology in the same way that the original Gear VR was born of a partnership with Oculus VR.

“There is a possibility to partner there,” stated Hong.

“We really want your help,” he said. “If there are any good ideas to make AR glasses, we want to talk to you.”

According to Hong’s presentation, Samsung’s R&D is concentrating heavily on virtual object interaction. This can relate to simple AR capture such as that seen in Pokemon Go, to direct communication between virtual objects and an AI assistant similar to that of the Google Pixel smartphone’s Google Assistant.

With Hong suggesting that more information on the future of the Gear VR brand will be coming in the near future and the openness of the discussions surrounding the company’s research,

VRFocus will be keeping a close eye on what the future holds for Samsung’s line of HMDs.

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