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Starblood Arena 1

Starblood Arena Revealed at PlayStation Experience for PlayStation VR

The online multiplayer will be available in Spring 2017.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has begun its third annual PlayStation Experience today, with the event kicking off with the PlayStation Showcase. Live-streamed around the world, the showcase highlighted lots of new titles coming for PlayStation 4, and obviously PlayStation VR featured. SIE’s Asad Qizilbash took to the stage to talk about the head-mounted display (HMD), and begun by announcing a new title, Starblood Arena.

Created by Whitemoon Dreams, Starblood Arena is a first-person shooter (FPS) that looks to feature six degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) movement. From the trailer shown at the event the videogame will be focused around online multiplayer combat, with Battle Royale and Team Deathmatches set to be two of the main modes.

Starblood Arena - screenshot

But its not just about one-on-one or big teams, Starblood Arena will also feature 2 – 4 player co-op combat, so friends can gang together for some hectic online action.

What if you want to hone those skills before heading out into the online matches, well Starblood Arena includes single-player arena challenges to do just that.

And to make you standout from the crowd Whitemoon Dreams has added loads of unlocks, so that you’ll be able to improve your ship but also customise the exterior with all manner of different designs and appendages for that unique look.

Starblood Arena has been confirmed as a PlayStation VR exclusive and is set for release in Spring 2017. As VRFocus learns more about the title, we’ll bring you the latest details.

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