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Street Champ Coming Soon for HTC Vive

The title will only cost $0.99 at launch.

Those with a good memory may remember a fun little videogame from many years ago called Frogger, which required players to escort a frog across busy roads. In fact there’s been numerous incarnations of the original title, especially on mobile devices. Indie studio Zynk Software took the concept and turned it into a virtual reality (VR) experience – minus the frog – called Street Champ, and brought it to Samsung Gear VR in September and Oculus Rift last month. Now the studio has announced incoming support for HTC Vive.

Street Champ screenshot

Street Champ can be seen as both VR entertainment and educational, as it involves players successfully crossing the road, avoiding all manner of vehicles to make it the other side safely. As with the original timing is everything, with endless lanes of traffic to cross, but the HTC Vive experience sets itself apart from the previous VR versions with greater graphical fidelity and improved sounds to make it even more immersive.

The videogame features online global leaderboards so that players can compete for the top ten rankings. Street Champ is set to launch on 8th December 2016, retailing for $0.99 USD. For all the latest releases on HTC Vive, keep reading VRFocus.

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