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ARK Survival Evolved - Winter Wonderland

Studio Wildcard Releases Winter Wonderland for ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is in the Steam Winter Sale with a 60 percent discount available.

Dinosaur hunters in ARK: Survival Evolved will be able to update the videogame today with some festive merriment as Studio Wildcard has released its Winter Wonderland 2 update.

The Winter Wonderland 2 event welcomes the arrival of Raptor Claus and his load of gifts, challenging ARK survivors to chase him around the world as he drops loot, coal and a few new goodies, which can be used to craft holiday-themed items. The update also adds several dinosaurs and creatures: Cnidaria, Troodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax, and the Therizinosaurus.

ARK Survival Evolved screenshot

Cnidaria Omnimorphis a species of Jellyfish which can’t be tamed or trained, so tribes keep schools of them around for their bioluminescence and their ability to sting. Troodon Magnanimus is one of the smartest creatures on the islands. Players don’t “tame” a Troodon, they earn its loyalty through its social nature and love of the hunt. Pegomastax Fructarator is a relatively harmless herbivore who prefers to live alone and gorges on just about any plants it can find. Pegomastax features a nasty beak and are excellent scavengers who collect an extraordinary quantity of seeds and berries, while also handily gathering the rare flowers and mushrooms. Tusoteuthis Vampyrus bares a close resemblance to giant squids. It may be slow, but Tusoteuthis uses its tentacles to first grab, then crush,and then syphon the blood out of, its hapless victims making it a deadly predator. Lastly there’s Therizinosaurus Multiensis which is built like a T-Rex, but tameable and a herbivore. Therizinosaurus’ claws allow it to perform both brute-force or delicate actions; making it handy to have around for harvesting specific resources, or, when needed, decimating enemies in combat.

ARK: Survival Evolved currently features in the Steam Winter Sale with a 60 percent discount available. For any further updates to the title, keep reading VRFocus.

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