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Skylight screenshot 2

Tactera Developer Reveals New Gear VR Project Skylight

The tactical VR title is due for release in January.

San Diego, California-based indie developer E McNeill has become highly proficient at creating unique virtual reality (VR) titles that are instantly attributable to him. He’s created titles such as Darknet and Tactera and now details for his latest title have emerged.

Just like Tactera before it Skylight is a strategy title, but whereas the former was real-time, Skylight is turn-based. As the successor to his award-winning Tactera title, Skylight retains the elements that worked best while changing up the mechanics, environment, and overall gameplay to create a fresh experience.

Skylight screenshot 1

As you’ll see from the screenshots and trailer, Skylight goes for massive intergalactic space battles. These will will feature 12 different ship types, from nimble fighters to colossal capital ships. Gamers will be able to engage in turn-based asynchronous multiplayer or an extensive campaign mode with 30 missions, or skirmish mode for custom battles.

While the title will launch for free, only 8 ships and 10 missions will be available for free. To fully unlock the title and access all the missions and ships players will need to spend $4.99 USD. Skylight is scheduled to launch for Gear VR on 12th January 2017, and VRFocus will continue its coverage of E McNeill, reporting back with any further updates.

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