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Hidden Cities - Dublin

The Financial Times Releases Dublin in the Dark: The Story of Emerald Noir

The new Dublin-based experience has launched today.

As part of The Financial Times’ virtual reality (VR) project Hidden Cities, made in collaboration with Google, the media outlet has launched Hidden Cities: Dublin.

Created by Visualise, a London, UK-based studio specializing in VR and 360-degree content production, the documentary project entitled Dublin in the Dark: The Story of Emerald Noir highlights the tensions between the city’s past and present. The aim is to reflect on the new wave of Irish crime writers and their relationship to Ireland’s world-famous literary traditions. The video is narrated by award winning Irish Crime writer, Tana French, who explores modern Dublin in her novels, and in this, shows viewers a different side of the city.

Hidden Cities - Dublin_1

Natalie Whittle, FT Weekend Magazine, associate editor and editorial lead on Hidden Cities, commented: “Using VR technology has enabled us to be more creative in our documentary approach and enhance parts of the city that are normally inaccessible. Since the economic crash in 2008, crime writing has flourished in Dublin, and we were keen to show how this literary genre fits into the broader changes, both social and economic, that Dublin has experienced over the past 20 years.”

The Hidden Cities series provides an experience that allows viewers to discover fresh perspectives on some of the world’s cultural and political capitals, cities covered so far are London, Rio de Janeiro and Brussels.

Visualise used a few different rigs for the shoot, including Google’s Jump, GoPro’s Omni and the custom-made ‘Johnny Five’ 3D rig. Henry Stuart, CEO Visualise, adds: “Dublin in the Dark is a deep piece of content that looks into one of the unexpected outcomes of the recession in Ireland. As such the locations we visited and the complexity of the story were far removed from typical 360 video productions. It was a pleasure to get our teeth into such a meaningful piece of VR content.”

Hidden Cities: Dublin can be accessed through a dedicated website, and it’ll be published as a print supplement across Europe in FT Weekend on 3rd December.

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