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TIME’s LIFE VR Unveils Remembering Pearl Harbor

Experience unveiled as part of 75th anniversary.

Yesterday, December 7th, marked the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. One of the most notorious events, not only of World War II, but of the entire theatre of war. As Japanese forces, in an attempt to demoralise America and keep it out of the conflict, launched a surprise attack on the Hawaiian naval base. Leading to the deaths of 2,335 serviceman and 68 civilians whilst a combined total of 1,178 were also wounded.

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In memory of this anniversary TIME Inc.’s virtual reality (VR) platform LIFE VR, which debuted back in September, has launched a new room-scale experience charting the events of a defining moment in American history. An experience in three acts, developed in partnership with AMD, HTC Vive and produced by Deluxe VR. Users take on the perspective of Pearl Harbor veteran Jim Downing – at the time a sailor on board the USS West Virginia. Downing recalls the events of the attack as you travel through the day, examining virtual recreations of artifacts and taking in archive photo and video.

“VR has an incredible power not only to entertain, but to teach. We created this experience to give even the biggest history buffs an experience of this moment that might change the way they understand it.” Explained Mia Tramz, Managing Editor of LIFE VR and TIME’s Senior Multimedia Editor. “This is the first of what we hope will be many historical and educational VR projects that LIFE VR undertakes to solidify certain pivotal moments that have shaped where we are today.”

Remembering Pearl Harbor was shown at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and to members of the U.S. Congress at Capitol Hill yesterday during 75th anniversary events. It will continue to be shown for the rest of the week as part of a a special exhibition at Washington’s Newseum.

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